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Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver

  • naturally tarnishes through exposure to the elements.  Regular polishing with a silver cloth should keep your jewels sparkling. 
  • Lorna avoids using silver dip as it can be especially corrosive especially on porous gemstones and freshwater pearls. 
  • Matt finish - Lorna uses a 'scotch brite' material to achieve the matt finish. 

Gold Vermeil

  • This is where sterling silver is plated with a 3-micron layer of 24ct gold. 
  •  Gold vermeil is a surface finish and subject to wear may show signs of fading over time

Anodised Aluminium

  • Small sheets of pre-anodised aluminium are dyed freehand - this satisfies Lorna's design to paint!. When the ink is dry, the aluminium is immersed in boiling water to seal the colour permanently into the surface.

If you would like your jewels cleaned please contact Lorna for further details.